2019 Peace and Joy

December 31, 2018

2019 Peace and Joy


12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds comprise one year. Broken into these pieces it becomes a mathematical item, but it is the moments of our lives. We are breathing, heart pumping, thinking, and so many actions going on in the inside of our bodies without thought to them. Broken down into these pieces we have a small window of expression, interaction, and relationship. To remain healthy, you will need to spend a third of those hours sleeping. You will spend another third of those hours working. You will have to concentrate on your job. You will spend another large section eating, maybe three hours a day minimum.


The daily grind, the routines of life take a considerable amount of time. These routines are for sustaining life and providing for family and self. If you then multiply the annual time spent times the life expectancy of a man or woman, you will find that the weighted issues of life are relegated a very small portion of our attention and for some it is negligible. Time is ticking, but what about the eternal matters that must be decided in that ticking clock?


We have this very handy celebration every year called New Years. It is a moment to mark time, a crossroads, a mile marker. It locates us in the history of the world. It serves to set boundaries of people’s lives, their service, their responsibilities. It also is a count down. You look forward and you look backward and you get a sense of where you are. This barrier of sorts gives each person a moment to evaluate, a moment to say “that is past.” It is a moment to hope for the better, a new day, a new start. We make resolutions, turn over a new leaf, start fresh. We look ahead with a sense of renewal. There is an adventure in it. What does this year hold for me?


With the break of a new year, we cast vision for the next months. But, we also take a hard look at the past months and ponder, “what did I learn, what did I do, what do I need to change moving ahead?”


I have found that hope springs up in me at the change of the calendar. I hope for a better year than the last one. I hope for health for all. I hope that lives will be changed through Jesus. I hope for people to catch the message and purpose of being a follower of Jesus. I hope for prosperity for all my loved ones. I hope for unity in the family and the family of God. I hope I see Jesus more clearly. I hope I serve well and am faithful to Him. I hope for more revelation of his purposes, his word, and his Spirit. I hope to enjoy life, be content, be happy, smell the roses, imbibe in his wonderful creation. I hope for true friends.


I, through his grace, have another 8760 hours to live. You do too. I am familiar with the way life goes though. There will be challenges. There may be grief and sorrow. We are not exempt. But there will be some really great times too. The real joy does not come from events so much as from the relationships we have with loved ones. The events become great memories because of who was there with you.


I really want to see 2019 be the year of building wonderful, familial relationships in the church. I would like this to be a year of building, growing, being healthy, loving one another. I would pray for a year of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 




- Pastor Bill


Our newest Grand Daughter, Lydia Ruth Lewis, 12-20-18

Parents, John and Courtney

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Bill Lewis -
Pastor, Speaker & Author

Bill Lewis is a teacher and preacher who ministers apostolically and prophetically. Nearly 50 years of ministry is reflected in his writings.

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