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The Individual

People, precious people. Individuals, humans, all shapes and sizes, various races, multiple cultures, habits, traditions, all these stirred into one earth. Basically, it is the individual. It is the one soul, one spirit, one body that makes a human being. This human being is birthed, grows an awareness of self and family. The awareness continues to expand to the society that forms their culture. Later the awareness may expand to recognize and appreciate other cultures and individuals of various ethnicities.

The individual becomes aware of life and its progress. Early the individual learns that they will grow, mature, and at some point, die. Some recognize their mortality early. Some do not pay attention to it at all. It is lingering there, but they refuse to look at it. Some just give up and take it as a fact, but one that needs no attention.

The statement of John, the apostle, sets an interesting thrust of intervention. “For God so loved the world…” Into this awareness of mortality, a hope was given. It speaks of a creator. There is a God. This God loves humanity. He loves the individual. It is personal and it is the collective world. He loves His creation and particularly each individual.

When men govern, they do so collectively. They do not know each person in their constituency. It is purely collective. They can love the idea of everyone, but they do not know everyone. But God knows the individual. He knows the number of hairs on their head. He cares for each and can communicate love to each. He can speak to each, not collectively, but personally to that individual heart and mind. Each individual can respond to that love and communication. Sometimes it is so personal that it seems no one else matters; yet He can do that with everyone at the same time.

John, the apostle again, writing the things that God shows him in the Revelation, reports that all of us have been created for the pleasure of God. Individually, we are to bring pleasure to our creator. The Westminster Confession states that the sole purpose of man is glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

While human history marches along, God has a divine plan that is unfolding as well. Whatever man does, it will move toward God’s ultimate intention. On the macro scale, God is preparing a kingdom to rule and serve man without death. On the micro scale, each individual is important to Him that each enjoy eternity with Him.

From the hovel to the palace, God loves the individual. Each person is important. God has made provision that the awareness of mortality can be changed to the joy of immortality. The inevitable, fatalistic doom of death is changed into the glorious hope and the internal guarantee of life forever with our creator.

This hope is accomplished by God through Jesus. God made it possible for mortals to become immortals through Jesus’, death and resurrection. The story of this amazing love and sacrifice is staggering in its sheer genius. It covers stealthily ever facet of dealing with eternal requisites and blindsides the enemy of mankind while defeating sin and death. The story is known as the gospel, the good news. Individuals who listen and believe, live forever.

Asian, African, European, it does not matter what part of the globe you live on. The individual counts. Cultures, traditions, habits, make no difference to Him. He loves each and is seeking each person. That one body, one soul, one spirit is important.

You count! You are important. Your awareness should grow to being aware of eternity and the necessity to do something about it. You are so important that Jesus made provision for you to live eternally with him!

Think about it, you, among billions is known as an individual by your creator and you really count, stand out, are worthy of individual attention, and loved,

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