November 27, 2020

As a child Thanksgiving meant trips to Washington, PA where my grandmothers lived. The celebrations included large tables with family all around. Remembering salt sellers for dipping celery in at the top of the plates, cranberries in relish or jelly, dad making oyster stew, the carving of a large turkey, and mashed potatoes that lasted for days afterward.

Later in life, it was Thanksgiving at my parents home and family gathered there. Traditions were passed down as was dining room furniture that used to host the meals at one of the grandmothers. The trips to Pennsylvania ended and Thanksgiving was where we lived in Ohio.

Later yet, Thanksgiving moved to our house with our children and grandchildren. The traditions were moved to another generation and grandparents now came to our place, the days of t...

November 17, 2020

What a confusing time! I have been looking for some civility, some grace, some sense of unity. We are faced with Pandemic conditions which may or may not be exaggerated, but the fact still is that people are dying from the disease. No one can minimize the disease attending  the funeral of a loved one. Yet, the hatred and debates continue. Personally, I do not think anyone could have predicted or managed this pandemic to prevent the spread and the deaths.

The confusion is rife in our political system. The sides are drawn so strictly that the question is begged, “Where are the Americans?” We have Democrats and we have Republicans, but where are the Americans? Accusations are thrown by both, hatred is intensified, misinformation is rampant. Where are the Americans? 

In the midst of this the church is b...

August 29, 2020

I am afraid. I am not afraid. I think it is a threat and real. I think it is a hoax and a plot to manipulate. I am staying home. I refuse to stay home. You are a racist. I am not a racist. Black lives matter. All lives matter. The president is doing a great job. The president is insane. I love the president. I hate the president.

We live in a bowl of toxicity. No one is right; no one is wrong. Opinions are flying at the rate of a 100 mph fastball. No matter what you say or do; it is a swing and a miss.

Even sitting down to write this blog, (which I have put off for a long time) I am concerned to even express anything. 

However, in studying history, we have as humans been here many times. Even in American history we have survived events like these time and again. Going back to the American Revolution...

July 17, 2020

Social Distancing…Humans are not made for social distancing. We are social. We like each other. We need touch. We need care. Research has shown that babies that are just cared for in their basic needs become stunted in their ability to love and receive love. Babies need cuddling, touch, embraces, and kisses. But here we are, facing a pandemic that requires us to stay away from one another. Even if we do meet, it is to be an elbow bump.

“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” I remember well coming from a church that shook hands, said hello, and nice to have you here. When I became Spirit filled, I was introduced to Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship. In El Paso, I attended their meeting for the first time. The president, a barrel chested man of strength, came up to me and gave me a huge, breath takin...

June 29, 2020

We live in extremely trying times, but there have been many of them before this. Tragedy, sadness, death, plagues, wars, have all been a part of our history, in fact, the history of the world. Peace, tranquility, and harmony seem to last for fleeting moments. We become confused, disheartened, and fearful. But there is hope, faith, perseverance, and new avenues to explore.

Our angst is increased in this time by the sheer volume of opinions expressed, theories promoted, twisted facts, and the explosion of social media. The platforms of social media are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Guarding our minds is a major task and our ultimate responsibility.

On Wednesday of last week we had a very frank, honest, powerful dialogue with our African American pastors at our CCN meeting. I so appreciate t...

June 3, 2020

I have not written anything as a blog for some time now. I have been thinking about what to write. There are so many topics that are being bantered around, most of them emotionally charged, politically biased, or filled with theories either true or grossly false. Many of the items are published to stir conflict.

We are faced with so many issues that it is staggering, confusing sometimes, and mostly, we wonder when this nightmare is going to end.

First, I would like to commend the many pastors who have done a great job of caring for their people during this mandated shut down of churches. Everyone has learned quickly to use social media, Youtube, and the many platforms for communication. Our pastors have even gone to the length of pulling into people’s driveways and converse from their vehicles to th...

April 5, 2020

Here we are sitting at home, just watched our Sunday service on Facebook Live, singing to an empty building, preaching to hundreds of empty chairs. It is Palm Sunday and the streets are empty of Hosannas, palm branches, and children dressed in festive clothes. St. Peter’s Square is vacant as the Pope preaches. Around the world, the epidemic has changed everything.

Churches are trying to keep people together through media. There are live streams, websites, TV broadcasts, and personal notes.  Some pastors and churches are scrambling to learn new techniques as they are forced to do something to care for the flock. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are the connections to the flock in this moment. Education is forced into new territory as well. Students are now attending class via Zoom or some app sim...

March 21, 2020

By now everyone is affected by the coronavirus. It is changing our lives whether we have the sickness or not. It has been declared a pandemic. It has stretched its deadly effects throughout the world. The fear that has been generated is in some ways justified and in others, is extreme. There is a mob mentality that has taken hold as grocery store shelves are emptied of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and antibacterial soaps. The shortages are created by the panic.

The medical community and the governments have teamed together to shorten and stop the spread of the virus. The fear is rooted in the fact there is no vaccine or antidote which heightens the fear. As social interaction is curtailed; it causes the spread to slow and hopefully stop. The approach, while necessary, it wreaking ha...

March 2, 2020

In life we like to reduce things to a simple dime store novel filled with villains and heroes. We want the cowboy western with white hats and black hats. We like a predictable ending as in a Hallmark movie. We want the hero to win, ride off into the sunset, or kiss the girl and live happily ever after.  Life is not quite that simple. I wish it were, but it is not.

A speaker I was listening to recently said that change is a part of progress. Every entity has to change to stay current. Every business has to refresh itself, change the menu, re-decorate, do something to attract attention and customer loyalty.

In the kingdom of God, the kingdom is eternal. It moves and changes in forms, but the core message remains the same. Churches come and go. If you look at the pages of the New Testament and list the...

February 7, 2020

People, precious people. Individuals, humans, all shapes and sizes, various races, multiple cultures, habits, traditions, all these stirred into one earth. Basically, it is the individual. It is the one soul, one spirit, one body that makes a human being. This human being is birthed, grows an awareness of self and family. The awareness continues to expand to the society that forms their culture. Later the awareness may expand to recognize and appreciate other cultures and individuals of various ethnicities. 

The individual becomes aware of life and its progress. Early the individual learns that they will grow, mature, and at some point, die. Some recognize their mortality early. Some do not pay attention to it at all. It is lingering there, but they refuse to look at it. Some just give up and take...

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Bill Lewis is a teacher and preacher who ministers apostolically and prophetically. Over 50 years of ministry is reflected in his writings.

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My Blog

Since I have been doing this a few times now, I realize the scope of what I was expecting to do was too large. So, I am just going to publish the blogs as they come to me rather than attempt to categorize each offering.

So far it seems that personal things have been coming to me that I feel passionate about. There are so many blogs, writers, books, that sometimes I feel it is a exercise in futility, but then someone comments that they were helped. So, I guess the one by one principle works in writing as well.  -Bill Lewis

This magazine/newsletter/blog is named Teaching the Way. The name was given to me by the Lord in my early ministry.Its reference is to the 1st Century when the church was known as the Way. The Way pointed to Jesus who was the way, the truth, and the life.

This is the meaning of the name and I am honoring the name the Lord gave me in this fresh reboot.  

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